• TIR
  • The cassette step, which we have been manufacturing for over 15 years, is available in various manual and electric versions, and four different widths 450-600-900-1100mm.
    The step is made of non-slip serrated aluminium. The manual version (also called semi-automatic) is foot-operated.

  • ROT
  • The revolving step was designed for use with multi-purpose vehicles. With width of 400mm, it can also be fitted to the driver and passenger door for easy access to the vehicle, thus providing maximum safety including for people with limited mobility.

  • TLS
  • The 600 et 900 mm retractable step, originally designed for use with the Renault Master minibus, is a highly reliable product requiring no maintenance. The step is made of stainless steel with a TBS non-slip covering.
    This is a compact product with many mounting kits available. Versions include electric or electronic (stops as soon as the step hits an obstacle). This step is recommended by many vehicle body builders across Europe.

Marchepieds Tiroir
Marchepieds Rotatif
Marchepieds Télescopique



* Manual & Electric
* Anodised aluminium step
* Galvanized steel casing

[Video-Manual cassette step]

* Manual & Electric
* Anodised aluminium step
* Zinc-coated structure

Electric & Electronic
* Stainless steel step
* Grey or yellow non-slip strip
* Galvanized steel structure

[Video 1]      [Video 2]

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